We make money by doing good things

We believe that revenue consists more than just money, it should also include the influence and achievement throughout our effort of making the world a better place.

Be History Makers

We are enthusiastic about the coming of the Age of Aerospace, and we look forward to writing magnificent poems in the course of this history.

Heresy have their paybacks

In TRIZ theory, the innovation of product is providing a more effcient resolution by solving the conflicts in existing designs. How can you see the wave, when you're the water? Our Always be questioning.

Radical transparency

As Kevin Kelly argued in 1994 that, “in the network era, openness wins, central control is lost.” We firmly believe that radical transparency is critical to keeping a company competitive in the long run.

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We're the Innovator behind Innovator

Oortcast provides productivity tools and solves complex problems with technology for startups and visionaries striving to change the world. We are not a traditional tech consulting company or a SaaS provider, because we are driven by the same kind of spirit as you are: We invent. We explore. We heal. We create. We inspire. We are trying to improve the world as much as you do. We're a team within your team.


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When Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the web, it was intended for everyone. The excitement and creativity of its early days were driven from the notion that we can all participate - and the impact was world-changing. But the web has shifted from its original promise - and it’s time to make a change.We can still unlock the true promise of the web by decentralizing the power that’s currently centralized in the hands of a few. How? By using the power of Solid.

42Page is a user-friendly Solid Pod server that is also a data warehouse and collaboration tool with infinite imagination.

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Zero Trust

While SaaS and public clouds deliver such benefits as low cost, high stability and automation to developers and startups, the increasingly blurred boundary between intranet and Internet have also created a huge impact on traditional security management thinking. Luckily, the BeyondCorp security model proposed by the Google security team brings us the best practice to resolve this challenge. Unlike traditional firewall technology, BeyondCorp treats by default all requests, either from intranet or Internet, as insecure.

Our team possesses a wealth of knowledge, experience and insights in the information security area. We are more than happy to help startups, especially SaaS service providers, build next-generation enterprise information security systems based on the BeyondCorp security model.

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We has rich architecture design experience in such fields as e-commerce, growth hacking , ITFIN, blockchain, cloudnative and other businesses etc.

For fast-growing startups, we offer tailored solutions to help you solve the challenges of growing up.

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